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Let’s workout through this.

Life has changed. Take the time needed to care for yourself.

Daily self-care practice will help reduce stress. Exercise contributes to good health, which helps us maintain a strong immune system.


Because a healthy lifestyle should be accessible & affordable!

Core Balance Disc
Core Balance Disc

GenerationFit’s Core Balance Disc is a round inflatable cushion, strong enough to sit, stand, and perform exercises on. Optimize your fitness results by recruiting deep core muscles using the Core Balance Disc.

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Sport Waist Pack – Running Belt – Diabelt
Sport Waist Pack – Running Belt – Diabelt

The low-profile design of GenerationFit’s unisex Sport Waist Pack is perfect for storing your phone, keys, or essentials.

It is lightweight, waterproof, sweatproof and made with reflective details to keep you visible at night.

Whether you’re biking, running or walking your dog, the Sport Waist Pack will keep your hands free and your items secure.

Made of comfortable material, with an easily adjustable waist size 25”– 42 “

Thanks to the ergonomic expandable pockets design, you can carry your necessities while still maintaining a lean profile.

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Deep Tissue Foam Roller
Deep Tissue Foam Roller

Description: GenerationFit’s Deep Tissue Foam Roller is designed to increase blood flow and circulation to your muscles while improving mobility, recovery and performance.

By slowly rolling over tight areas of your body, our Deep Tissue Foam Roller is a smart cost-effective way to relieve sore muscles and loosen stiffness. The texture is ideal for self-myofascial release. Can be used for a warm up or a cool down.

Use as an unstable surface to perform challenging exercises.

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GenerationFit Stretch Strap
GenerationFit Stretch Strap

The Stretch Strap measures 6 feet in length with 12 loops. GenerationFit’s Stretch Strap is made of professional grade nylon for durability. The padded ends allow for a comfortable grip.

Designed to help improve flexibility and go deeper into your stretch without the need of a partner.

Our non-elastic strap offers you a safe and effective aid in relieving tight muscles while keeping you injury-free.

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Flat Band Handles
Flat Band Handles for Resistance Bands

Discover GenerationFit’s flat band handles and increase the amount of exercises you can perform. GenerationFit’s flat band handles provides a comfortable workout by preventing flat bands from slipping out of sweaty hands.

Our flat band handles attach quickly and easily to your bands. With our comfort foam grip, you will be able to maintain proper wrist alignment throughout your workout.

Sold as a pair.

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Ankle Straps for Resistance Bands
Ankle Straps For Resistance Training

Fully adjustable neoprene and Velcro ankle straps with reinforced steel d-ring.

Say good bye to cellulite, as comfort meets purpose, you’ll be able to work legs with confidence.

Our ankle strap is easy to attach to GenerationFit resistance bands or to a cable machine.
Great for glutes, hamstrings, hips, inner thighs and ab exercises.


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Resistance Band Kit
Total Body Resistance Band Kit

A complete gym in a bag! Everything you need to build strength and tone your entire body.

This kit mimics gym cable machines found in every health club. Get the same workout at home, no membership fees required.

Includes interchangeable resistance bands and accessories.

Great for any fitness level. Portable – Affordable – Easy to use



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Flat Bands with Handles
Premium Flat Resistance Band Set

GenerationFit’s Premium Flat Band Set with Handles increases the amount of exercises you can perform. Set includes three levels of resistance bands and a set of handles.

Bands are eco-friendly 100% natural latex. Versatile, safer on your joints, lightweight and adaptable to all fitness levels.

Handles provide a comfortable workout by preventing flat bands from slipping out of sweaty hands.

Our flat band handles attach quickly and easily to your bands.

Great for yoga, pilates, core and flexibility training.

Band Dimensions: 6″ X 60″

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Gliding Discs – Core Sliders
Gliding Discs – Core Sliders

If you don’t own a pair of gliding discs, now is the time to invest.

GenerationFit has designed their Gliding Discs larger than the industry-standard 7 inch, allowing for ¾ of an inch more space to place your hands or feet.

Our gliding discs are designed so that you can use them on both carpet and hard floors, allowing you to complete exercises in a smooth and gliding motion.

Small enough to fit in your gym bag or office desk drawer, GenerationFit’s Gliding Discs are an ideal fitness tool for cardio, strength, core, and balance training.

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Resistance Band Handles
Premium Resistance Band Handles

GenerationFit’s Premium no-slip grip handles. Heavy duty nylon strap with solid steel ring. GenerationFit’s handles are easy too use and are built too last.

Designed with strength in mind. Extra wide grips, ideal for all hand sizes. Comfort foam over a solid ABS core, with industrial-grade double stitched nylon and steel O-ring.

Sold as a pair.


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15lb Resistance Band for Exercise
Resistance Band 15lb Safety Sleeve Covered

Description: GenerationFit’s Green 15lb Resistance Band is ideal for low impact, medium resistance training.

Covered with a protective nylon safety sleeve providing for a safe and effective workout. Carabiner clips connect easily to band accessories.  Ideal for your upper body, lower body or core exercise routines.

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Loop Bands
Premium Loop Band Set

Effective for both upper and lower body training exercises. Know the difference – GenerationFit’s loop bands are made of 100% PREMIUM quality natural latex.

Use loop bands alone for a total body workout. When used in conjunction with other exercises, the resistance of our loop bands recruit important core and stabilizing muscles, giving you a better workout.

Multiple levels of resistance. This set includes 9 inch and 12 inch bands. Use anywhere, anytime.


9″ Purple – Light            12″  Yellow – Light
9″ Red – Medium           12″  Green – Medium
9″ Blue – Heavy              12″  Grey – Heavy
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Premium Fitness Products

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